Fulfilled Life — Brock Hollett

Brock HollettTonight on Covenant Key FM, join us for “Fulfilled Life” with teacher Brock Hollett.  Brock is currently teaching about “Jesus: the Fulfillment of the Book of Genesis.” The purpose of the series is threefold:

  1. Understand the Book of Genesis in a systematic fashion.
  2. Understand how Jesus fulfilled each passage of the book.
  3. Understand how we in the modern church should live as a result of #1 and #2.

“Fulfilled Life” with Brock Hollett will air tonight at a 8 PM (EST) immediately following the Covenant Key FM “Perspectives” interview with Larry Siegle and Alan Bondar.  ”Fulfilled Life” normally airs at 7 PM (EST) on Thursdays.

To listen or download the KEYcast of “Fulfilled Life” with Brock Hollett, following the broadcast, just click here.


Alan Bondar Interview on Covenant Key FM

Alan Bondar haAlan Bondars a vision for explosive church growth and now plans to make the dream become a reality!  His unquestioned zeal and determination now takes center stage as he unveils the New Covenant Eyes “mega-church” model to Ft. Myers and the rest of the world.

The church growth plan comes complete with a new symbol everyone wants to know more about.  “What does the mysterious symbol really mean?”The Symbol

Find out, this week on Covenant Key FM.

Join Larry Siegle and Alan Bondar for a live interview on Covenant Key FM, Thursday, December 13, 2012 at 7:00 PM (EST).

This interview will explore both the vision and the steps necessary to make it into an awesome reality.  Alan will be answering your questions from email, Facebook, and taking live calls from radio listeners.  Don’t miss this exciting event!  Thursday, 7:00 PM (EST) only on Covenant Key FM — Refreshingly Different, Biblically Sound.


Today on Covenant Key FM

Election Results

THEN AND NOW — Ed Stevens  –

Why God has arranged for America to endure four more years under Obama, and how Christians should live in response to it.

Ed Stevens also discusses more of the biblical narrative about Barnabas and Mark, to suggest when the Epistle of Barnabas might have been written, as well as when Barnabas died, and Mark joined Paul in Rome. Email Ed if you wish to have the PDF lesson outline for this podcast (preterist1@preterist.org).

Join Ed Stevens for “Then and Now” at 6:00 PM (EST) on Covenant Key FM


Be sure to visit the link to the “Then and Now” KEYcast page and listen to this and other broadcasts from Ed Stevens.  “Then and Now”