Then and Now — When Barnabas Died

Picked back up on our historical narrative at AD 61-63, which was while Paul was in prison in Rome, when James was killed, John was exiled to Patmos, and several of the New Testament books were written. It is also the time when Barnabas was killed by the Jews on the island of Cyprus, and then Mark joined Paul in Rome. Email Ed if you wish to have the PDF lesson outline for this podcast (

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  1. Joan says:

    James,It is always a pleusare to hear from you. As a matter of fact, I was looking at your paper just the other day. Yes, I am absolutely interested! I am nearing the end of my research on Mark 16:9-20.Without revealing too much before my actual thesis is published. Concerning Mark 16:9-20, I believe that there are still questions that have not yet been answered adequately. For example, as you know, the extra blank column following the ending of Mark is an anomaly for the entire NT in Vaticanus: One never finds an extra blank column at the end of any other NT book besides Mark. In the four-man debate held at Wake Forest back in 2007 (publ. as Perspectives on the Ending of Mark_ in 2008), Dr. Dan Wallace tried to blunt this observation by claiming that he could find extra blanks at the end of some other books in the OT and Apocrypha. But I suspect that the places where these blanks are found occur at the end of natural breaks where the Bible was sectioned to be contained in four or five codices. But I feel that another look needs to be made of these “extra blanks” mentioned by Dr. Wallace, and that someone needs to weigh again the possibility that the last leaf of a codex of Mark was missing, the argument made by Dr. Clayton Croy, but with a different take since he rejects Mark 16:9-20 as the original ending.I plan to record many podcast on the subject of Textual Criticism in the future.Blessings to you my friend,Bryan E. Lewis

  2. Ed Stevens says:

    Brian, I am not sure how your comment about the long ending of Mark’s gospel connects with my key cast here, but I will comment on it anyway. Are you familiar with Codex W and its evidence for the long ending of Mark? Are you acquainted with Paul Anderson and his Center for the Study and Preservation of the Majority Text? If not, email me and I will get you in contact.

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